Paper Edit

This weekend you will be constructing the beginning of your paper edit. You’ve started this in class. This consists of creating the bones of your video. The speakers, and what they say, should be listed down the script. Feel free to add quotes in as necessary. Remember, you are working for a client – it’s okay to feed lines when necessary. Voiceovers are also acceptable, and often needed.


Below is an example of how every paper edit should start. Your audience is a condensed version of your demographics. Be sure to add this to the top of your paper edit.


Unicorn Wine Guild


Here, the focus would be bringing to light this great, local winery that remains hidden in a dismal shopping complex. A complete rebrand, and a new commercial that tells the story would make a huge difference. The focus would have to be on quality product ot diminish the location and dismal store front.


The Unicorn Wine Guild was built from a passion for good wine. The man who makes it is a dentist by trade, but a wine maker and taster by night. He makes all of it on site, and offers tastings and tours. He wants people to see the process. Negative include poor branding (a rebranding is necessary) and the complete lack of marketing – most people don’t even know that it exists.


From the owner, the demographics are men and women (equally) who are usually between 35-55. They are the type of people who can visit during the day, possibly meaning that they are retired with an income for free spending.

Content Points

  • Homemade
  • Huge Selection
  • Local Winery
  • Wine and beer making supplies


The Unicorn Wine Guild is about making fine, local wines for their patrons. It’s a commitment to a craft that is often overlooked.

Paper Edit

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